Stereo On-camera Microphone

Flexibly Adjusting Audio Range
Dual 180° Rotatable Mics With Ease
Equipped with two 180° horizontally rotatable mics, the OC-D1 allows you to adjust sound pickup angles and channel mode in various scenarios.Whether for outdoor scenes one-on-one interviews, multi-person streams or stereo effect recording, it offers unparalleled flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Flexibly Adjusting Audio Range
Dual 180° Rotatable Mics With Ease
The OC-D1, with dual 180° rotatable mics, adjusts sound pickup and channel mode for diverse scenarios: outdoor scenes, interviews, streams, or stereo recording. Unparalleled flexibility for your needs
Preserve The Purity Of Sound
Noise Reduction  &  Gain Control 

With the low-cut filter activated, the OC-D1 effectively diminishes low-end bass noise, preserving the purity and crystal-clear quality of your audio. Additionally, equipped with a -10dB/0dB/+10dB gain switch, the OC-D1 offers remarkable versatility in audio recording.

Get Focused On Vocals

Cardioid Directivity

The OC-D1 provides a cardioid polar pattern that minimizes unwanted ambient noise and focuses on exceptional vocals. As a high-sensitivity recording gear, it captures every nuance of sound for excellent audio results.

  • Sturdy & Stable Recording
    Engineered with a shock-absorbing mini air bag the OC-D1 effectively reduces disturbing noise from movement, presenting a steady, crisp audio quality during recording.
  • 15H Duration
    Built with a high-capacity lithium battery, the OC-D1 offers an extended work time of 15h, perfect for content creators to enjoy indoor or outdoor recording sessions. Even in low-battery situations, a universal USB-C port ensures you get recharged quickly.
  • Super Lightweight Design
    Despite its rich features, the OC-D1 boasts a super lightweight design, making it an ideal on-the-go tool for outdoor shooting and daily work.
Flexible Combinations
Expand Zeniko's Product Assembly Options
VC3 Bi
Retro LED Light
Mini RGB Light
VS5 Bi
Mini Bi-color LED Light
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